Hand-crafted Fashions and Jewellery

Source Creations designs and manufactures hand-crafted fashions and gemstone jewellery in Kamloops, BC.

Source Creations

Source Creations is exactly that — creations direct from Source. Source Energy is what powers all creation; it is the purest essence of all existence. This is the place where all of our imaginations meet, connect and speak to one and other. It is from this place of amalgamated thought that these hand-made, artistic pieces are spawned.

Hand-crafted Fashions

Source Creations specializes in festive garment art. This year’s theme is “steampunk pixie-esque meets anime super heroes and heroines”. The collection features complete outfits, bustle belts, under-busts, holsters, utility belts, vests, pouches, cuffs, and garter bustles. Most items are for her, however I produce select men’s, and unisex items as well.

All fabrics used are repurposed and include: leather, silk, lace, satin, organza and others. It is my belief that by giving great love and new life to old, quality leather garments by repurposing them, it is in fact giving love and respect to that animal’s existence. New materials used include only snaps, eyelets, rivets, and select finishing detail. Pieces are designed and constructed simultaneously with a clear vision of the end result as mind and imagination — Source — meet hand.

Gemstone Jewellery

Source Creations also specializes in unique and rare gemstone jewellery. Taken from the rough, stones are personally cut — shaped — and polished on a lapidary and then wire wrapped using silver and/or copper to harmonize with each stone’s individual vibration. Gemstones are much more than pretty rocks. Each bears its own pattern that, in silence, can affect the world — touching the lives of many — by just this rhythmic vibration.

Painting and Intermedia

“The Argument” Lexi Pearce — 2014 oil on canvas 60x33

Source Creations now creates painting and intermedia.

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